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A must-have for those seeking a vibrant, festive, and traditional appearance, this voluminous and flowy silk turquoise pishwaas exudes an undeniable charm. The focal point of this ensemble is undoubtedly the statement old-school chatapati sleeves, adding a touch of timeless elegance to the overall design. To further elevate the intricacy of the pishwaas, it is embellished with exquisite detailing, including gota, mukesh, and multicolored resham on the neckline.

To complete the ensemble, a contrasting deep turquoise velvet shawl is recommended. This luxurious accessory is crafted with stunning patterns and unique details, providing an elegant finishing touch to the entire look. The combination of the voluminous pishwaas with its classic embellishments and the rich texture of the velvet shawl creates a harmonious blend of tradition and contemporary style. Whether for a festive celebration or a special occasion, this outfit promises to make a striking statement with its vibrant color, intricate detailing, and a perfect balance of cultural heritage and modern flair.


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