turns one, bringing forward the timelessness of traditional couture that signifies opulence and grace in its each piece. In the past year, the creative powerhouse, the brainchild of Mehak Malik and Mehr Khan initiated bridal couture and luxury formal wear with its focus on the very aspect of revival and retention of the heritage of our values and traditions. Thus the name Souchaj, derived from two Punjabi words “ Soucha” meaning pure and “Chajj” meaning perfection and love for finesse.

The most enthralling thing that captured our interest in the past one-year is its ability to transcend time and age with the exceptional assortment of immaculate detailing used along with the richness of craft that is indigenous to this region. This is something that really has evolved as their design aesthetic in a year’s span along with timeless silhouettes, which depicts the regal craftsmanship to the royal artisanship and attention to detail in between, keeping the concept of heirloom and heritage intact. Thus, their products are not just outfits but spectacles in themselves telling us the stories that they represent with all the classic handwork, luxe fibers, exotic colors and luxurious knots.

Keeping true to its essence, Souchaj evolved around the philosophy of the brand, to make classic & timeless outfits, while taking into consideration the taste of modern women into account, who wants their ensembles to be capable of retaining an aura of finesse and tradition.

Souchaj, with its prime objective to promote Pakistani culture and tradition through fashion embarked on its first bridal and formal collection with Mira Sethi and the veteran Jugnu Mohsin, which beautifully encapsulated the relationship between a mother and a daughter. Moreover, the brands muse stretched from the uber talented Mehvish Hayat, Mehreen Syed, Hareem Farooq, Urwa Hocane, Ghanna Ali & Sajal Ali.

Their collections use a combination of different luxurious fabrics that play along with heavy elaborations created from various royal techniques, stitches and attention to detail. What further brings life to this brand’s collections is the contrast of exotic color tones that include hues of light golds, reds, cream, pastels, bold magentas and prominent blacks. Souchaj has illustrated a rare tale of ethnicity along with classic artisanship with it’s formals that are bound to leave a classic imprint through its baronial collection.

One thing that really has enabled Souchaj to establish a market niche is the personalization in each ensemble, which is tailored to the customer’s desire, keeping aesthetic balance of the designs. For us Souchaj is a full package that includes poise, subtlety and luxury hence helping it secure a top spot in our favorites list. With Souchaj celebrating it’s first anniversary we can’t wait for more traditional goodness.

Kudos to Souchaj for bringing back a philosophy of timeless classicism by turning fashion into heirlooms.


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