SOŪCHAJ turns fashion into heirlooms

SOŪCHAJ turns fashion into heirlooms


OŪCHAJ: A very unique name that was the first thing that caught our attention about the brand. The word ‘SOŪCHAJ’ is actually derived from two Punjabi words: soucha meaning pure and chajj meaning perfection and love for finesse. When combined, these two words capture the aesthetic and design philosophy of the brand perfectly. This is evident in the first look of SOŪCHAJ, as seen in its introductory campaign.

SOŪCHAJ’s first campaign featuring the popular, elegant and intellectual mother-daughter duo Mira Sethi and Jugnu Mohsin, is quite the coup; this is perhaps the first time the two icons have come together for a fashion campaign of this genre. This is also the first time we have seen a fashion brand think out of the box, keeping things simple and tapping into the timelessness of traditional couture. It has an ability to transcend time and age; it also impresses with the intricacy and aesthetic balance of the designs with some very unique color palettes.

The debut collection, The Royal Heirloom, features individual pieces inspired and named after the various queens and princesses of the land. The impact of local history and culture is evident in the classic silhouettes as well as the choice of fabric and embellishment on each outfit. Most of the pieces manifested very earthy tones that are infused with details mirroring the regality of royalties. From Marium-uz-Zamani and Salima Sultan Begum to Mumtaz Mehal and Dil Ras Bano Begum, every dress narrates a story.

Our favourite and most classic outfit from the collection has to be the ivory shahana gharara worn by Mira Sethi (above); while ivory is quite a standard colour it is the powder blue embellished dupatta that sets if off uniquely. This intricate outfit shows how a heavy outfit can look regal and restrained at the same time. While minimalism is always desirable when it comes to ready to wear fashion, Pakistan’s couture stands out for tradition and the richness of craft that is indigenous to this region; SOŪCHAJ celebrates that very sentiment.

Mehak Malik and Mehr Khan, the two designers behind SOŪCHAJ, recently launched their studio in Lahore, the hub of Pakistan’s rich heritage.

Adding to their vision the designers behind SOŪCHAJ said, “When we began brainstorming for this collection, we wanted a range that ‘spoke for itself’. Our pieces are unique with attention to detail and the best quality making SOŪCHAJ a sight to behold. Our products are not just outfits but spectacles in themselves telling the stories that they represent with all of the traditional intricacies infused with top notch methods and designs. SOŪCHAJ is our quest to do something outstanding in the field of couture and couture definitely has a new name now.”

SOŪCHAJ has managed to rustle up interest with their very first collection, a commendable feat, as the bridal market is tough, competitive and somewhat saturated. But it has been ages since we’ve seen ensembles, with the exception of our grandmothers’ bridal joras, which we could imagine being worn ten years down the road, and SOŪCHAJ manages to bring back a philosophy of timeless classicism by turning fashion into heirlooms.


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