Heirlooms bond generations together and it is not only the things that are passed on to the next generation but also the values, morals and ideals that they represent. The concept of family, caste and traditions in our society hold a very special place and such heirlooms are an integral part of our culture. The evolution of our society in the recent times has had its toll on various aspects of our life, fashion being one of them.

The upcoming dynamic duo of Mehak Malik and Mehr Khan have worked on the very aspect of revival and retention of the heritage of our values and traditions; the very core reason of launching the brand SOŪCHAJ.

SOŪCHAJ focuses on the bridal couture and luxury facet of fashion in Pakistan. The craftsmanship and techniques used in the creation of each outfit are extraordinary, hence the name SOŪCHAJ, derived from two Punjabi words “soucha”-meaning pure and “chajj”-meaning perfection and the love for finesse. The brand evolves around the meaning of its name, from the local roots & culture to the legacy of the land; SOŪCHAJ is all about originality, purity & heritage, to which it aspires people to be associated.


SOŪCHAJ is founded on the basis of the prime objective which is to promote the Pakistani culture and traditions through fashion, with classic handwork, timeless silhouettes, luxe fibers & exotic colors; the regal craftsmanship to the royal artisanship; all the luxurious knots, stitches & attention to detail in between; SOŪCHAJ is the heirloom passed down generation to generation.

The team at SOŪCHAJ believes in incorporating their core values of honesty and integrity while emphasizing on creativity to bring about an original product for their customers. Each outfit has been crafted with exquisite detail while keeping the concept of heirloom and heritage intact.

The premier shoot of the brand was done at the traditional heritage site of the walled city of Lahore, Haveli Barood Khana. The brand values were depicted in the royalty of the shoot whereby the modern day queen mother and her princess were seen enjoying some personal moments in their royal quarters at the haveli. The royals were beautifully acted out by the stunning mother daughter duo of the beautiful Mira Sethi and the mesmerizing Jugnu Mohsin. The royal mother daughter relationship underlined the concept behind SOŪCHAJ’s premier collection, which comprises of individual pieces inspired and named after the various queens and princesses of the land. The impact of the local history and culture is evident in the cuts as well as the fabrics and embellishments on each outfit. Most of the pieces are in very earthy tones and the exaggerations of the work on these outfits relate to the regality of the royalties associated with them. From “Marium-uz-Zamani” & “Salima Sultan Begum” to “Mumtaz Mehal” & “Dil Ras Bano Begum”, every dress has a story in itself and each knot depicts its thought. The designs have been intricately worked on so that all the philosophy of the brand is incorporated in the outfits to make them classic & timeless.


The photo-shoot was styled and photographed by the vibrant duo Maraam & Abroo who greatly added to the eccentric features of the Muses as well as enhanced the craftsmanship of the clothes. They have beautifully structured the shoot to portray SOŪCHAJ’s idea of the heirloom being passed on to the next generation.

Mira Sethi and Jugnu Mohsin portray the picture of utter perfection in the gorgeous traditional clothes by SOŪCHAJ that has been enriched with the impeccable jewelry that was used in this photo-shoot. The super talented jewelry designer Samreen Vance helped in highlighting the luxurious looks of all the expressions with her spell binding pieces of art in all the golds and jewels. Her jewelry has significantly complimented to the concept of the royal heirlooms for SOŪCHAJ.


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