Souchaj’s new bridal campaign ‘Reflections’ is beautiful, gloomy and mysterious thanks to Ali Sethi

Souchaj’s new bridal campaign ‘Reflections’ is beautiful, gloomy and mysterious thanks to Ali Sethi


launched its new bridal campaign ‘Reflections’ and it has caught our attention. The brand has got together with Ali Sethi to create a promotional video for their new collection. The video features Ali Sethi with a brand new song ‘Rondian Ankhaan’Found in 2016 by Mehak and Mehar, Souchaj is located in Lahore. Souchaj’s first fashion campaign, titled heirloom, featured renowned personalities, Mira Sethi and Jugnu Mohsin already caught a lot of people’s attentionSouchaj is getting appreciation from the fashion fraternity

“Our products are not just outfits but spectacles in themselves telling the stories that they represent with all of the traditional intricacies infused with top-notch methods and designs.”



Their new bridal wear ‘Reflections’ is inspired by traditional couture and according to the brand, this collection is a ‘reflection of diverse Pakistani cultures.’ Reflections integrated a colorful and innovative blend of several Pakistani cultures, consisting of chic motives derived from folk art on kamkhab, atlus, chunri and pure khaadi tissue’. ‘Reflections’ video is directed by Aabroo Hashimi while Maram Aabroo came up with the concept. The video of Reflections features beautiful bridal wear with equally stunning jewelry.




‘For women who carry themselves in a confident, assertive and aggressive manner but at the same time are very feminine. They are independent who are sure of themselves and very comfortable in their own skin.’ -Souchaj




The video and the song come together as a way of storytelling. The video portrays a distressed, deserted woman who occasionally seems to be searching for someone in a desert-like landscape. The song ‘Rondian Ankhaan’ and its lyrics fit the gloomy mood of the video. In another scene, she also types away on her typewriter as if trying to communicate with someone. Ali Sethi is also featured in the video singing the song.


Souchaj’s new bridal campaign is a thumbs up from us!


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