SOUCHAJ has launched its latest Bridal Wear Collection

SOUCHAJ has launched its latest Bridal Wear Collection


Souchaj, an upcoming bridal designer wear brand has exclusively launched its latest bridal wear collection. The Souchaj designers Mehak and Mehr were quick to pique interests throughout as their bridal collection exhibited traditional and regal elements as never observed before. The event took place at their studio in DHA on Sunday, 21st of May, 2017.

Souchaj, a hallmark, with its essence lying within its meaning is the heirloom passed down from generation to generation. The aspiration to promote the heritage and culture of Pakistan strives within their collection as every piece is delicately made to perfection with the aura of grandiose exuberating in their creations.

The Bridal Collection’s first fashion campaign which featured Mira Sethi and Jugnu Mohsin, beautifully encapsulated the relationship between a mother and daughter revealing the true quintessence of the brand. Whether it is elegantly embellished or heavily worked upon, Souchaj as a brand is vital for anyone that is looking for perfection. Creating traditionally inspired pieces of art that not only look beautiful but also make the wearer feel like royalty, Souchaj makes it mark.

The exclusive launch event showcased their latest bridal wear collection which comprised of individual pieces inspired and named after the various queens and princesses of the land. The impact of local history and culture was evident in the cuts as well as the fabrics and embellishments on each outfit. Most of the pieces manifested very earthy tones that were infused with details mirroring the regality of royalties. From ‘Marium-uz-Zamani’ and ‘Salima Sultan Begum’ to ‘Mumtaz Mehal’ and ‘Dil Ras Bano Begum’, every dress had a story in itself and each knot depicted its thought. The designs, intricately worked upon, reflected the philosophy of the brand which was incorporated in the outfits to make them classic and timeless.

The event was a success and among the many distinguished people who attended the launch were Aabroo Hashmi, Alee Hassan, Amber Liaqat, Ammara Khan, Anusheh Asad, Hamza Tarrar, Jugnu Mohsin, Maheen Kardar, Mehdi, Mira Sethi, Muneeze Khalid, Sadaf Fawad Khan, Samreen Vance, Shanzay Sheikh, Shiza Hassan, Yousaf Fayyaz and many more!

Adding to their vision the designers behind Souchaj said, “When we began brainstorming for this collection, we wanted a range that ‘spoke for itself’. Our pieces are unique with attention to detail and the best quality making SOUCHAJ a sight to behold. Our products are not just outfits but spectacles in themselves telling the stories that they represent with all of the traditional intricacies infused with top notch methods and designs. SOUCHAJ is our quest to do something outstanding in the field of couture and couture definitely has a new name now.”

About Souchaj:

Souchaj is a bridal designer wear brand with its focus on craftsmanship and techniques, hence the name SOUCHAJ, which derived from two Punjabi words “SOUCHA” meaning pure and

“CHAJJ” meaning perfection and the love for finesse. The brand, evolving around the meaning of its name, is all about originality ranging from local roots and culture to purity and heritage.

With a vision to create ‘pieces of art’ Mehak Malik and Mehr Khan initiated SOUCHAJ in June 2016. Their vision is reflected in each of the exquisite dresses as Mehr Khan, a fashion graduate, paired with Mehak Malik, a lawyer by profession and an entrepreneur, truly create works of art.

SOUCHAJ, founded on the basis of the prime objective to promote the Pakistani culture and tradition through fashion, excels in its classic handwork, timeless silhouettes, luxe fibers and exotic colors. Instilling regal craftsmanship with royal artisanship, all the luxurious knots, stitches and attention to detail in between make SOUCHAJ the heirloom passed down from generation to generation. Currently focusing on couture, luxury and bridals, it creates an impact with its unique style and signature artistry with emphasis on quality and consistency.


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