SOUCHAJ: Celebrates One Year In Fashion

SOUCHAJ: Celebrates One Year In Fashion


We believe in traditions; we believe in the idea of things and cultural values to be passed through tradition”. Souchaj, therefore carries forward this legacy and thus celebrates its  one year anniversary of bringing forward high end-luxury eponymous fashion. In the past year, the fashion powerhouse, led by Mehr Khan and Mehak Malik introduced bridal couture and luxury formal wear that exudes class and elegance while taking inspiration from our rich tradition, culture and heritage. True to its name, the brand itself stands for, “Soucha” meaning pure and “Chajj” meaning perfection and love for finesse.

Souchaj’s design philosophy transcends time and age focusing on extreme craftsmanship and sleek cuts keeping the concept of heirloom and heritage evident in each piece. Their ensembles reflect the Pakistani culture and tradition through fashion, classic handwork, timeless silhouettes, luxe fibers and exotic colors.

The amalgam of heritage and contemporary appeal deems their outfits fit for the modern woman looking for her outfits to stand out, yet maintaining an aura of tradition and culture. The assortment and array of designs put forward through their collections boast of timeless and bespoke designs.

Souchaj embarked on its first bridal and formal collection with Mira Sethi and the veteran Jugnu Mohsin, which successfully encapsulated the relationship between a mother and a daughter revealing the true quintessence of the brand. Furthermore, the brand has also worked with the A-listers of the industry; to name a few, the talented and beautiful Mehvish Hayat, Mehreen Syed, Hareem Farooq, Urwa Hocane, Ghanna Ali and Sajal Ali. Thus synopsizing the true essence that heirlooms we don’t have in our family, but stories we have got.

With a special emphasis on breaking away from the passé, the fashion house deconstructs and re-segments embellishments across a soft, feminine palette of light golds, reds, cream, pastels to bold magentas and classic blacks. Stretching from traditional designs to modern cuts, Souchaj promises to awe everyone.

The collection has a baronial feel: traditional and statement-making. Gold and silver polki designs set the tone. Emeralds, rubies, tourmaline, pearls and diamonds set in beautifully crafted pieces make this collection regal and timeless.

Moreover, the incorporation of luxe fabrics such as tissue, organza and raw silk represents the theme and transition of women and their style over a period of time. Utmost emphasis on quality of the work and individualistic detailing has allowed the brand to create a market niche. One year and Souchaj has blown us over, we can’t wait for more they have to deliver.

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