One On One Souchaj

One On One Souchaj

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Deriving inspiration from Pakistan’s culture and heritage, Souchaj has put forward some exceptionally classic and elegant designs which lead to the label winning acclaim in a short span of time. We catch up with Mehr Khan and Mehak Malik to talk about the evolution of their fashion label, Souchaj, the design process and their vision for the future

How did you two come together to embark on the journey of creating Souchaj?

Our husbands supported and encouraged us for something more than ‘round the clock’ jobs and that is how it all took off.

How has your work evolved since you began your own label?

In the past two years, taking inspiration from our rich tradition, culture and heritage, Souchaj has introduced bridal couture and luxury formalwear that exudes class and elegance. True to its name, the brand itself stands for, “Soucha” meaning pure and “Chajj” meaning perfection and love for finesse. During this time, we have not only developed in design and creativity but our systems and procedures have also become more professional and defined. Hierarchy has also developed which is rather flat but very efficient.

What is the best lesson you have learned along the way?

The best lesson that we’ve learned is that there are no mistakes, only lessons. Even if something goes wrong, we take it as a challenge and work it into something beautiful.

The designs that you create are incredible, who and what do you consider your inspiration?

Staying true to our traditional Pakistani roots, we came up with the idea of Souchaj. Our main design philosophy is our classic handwork combined with the use of timeless silhouettes featuring luxe fabric and exotic colours through which the sheer richness of our culture shines through. Our biggest inspiration is nature and besides that, we derive inspiration from pieces of art as well such as sculptures and paintings.

Where do you see Souchaj in the next five years?

I would really want to see our label being associated with originality and purity all over the globe, and for its beautiful name Souchaj, to be spoken only in the upper echelons of the fashion industry.

What is the typical design process like for team Souchaj?

Inspiration doesn’t always just happen at the snap of a finger. The key to creating a great collection is to understand the customer’s needs and preferences. Usually our design process starts with global research and forecasting followed by the local market fads. Inspiration can come from anywhere and anything no matter how beautiful or bizarre it is. The philosophy behind our design process is very much innate and subjective and it remains close to the local roots and culture that is the core essence of the brand.

How would you describe current Pakistani fashion aesthetics?

The consumer in Pakistan is very fashion savvy and completely abreast with the latest fashions trends around the globe. At the same time they value their heritage and tradition so embrace contemporary with traditional very well.

If you could pick anyone from history, (living or deceased, from fiction or reality), who would you most love to see wearing your designs?

I would love to dress Queen Rania of Jordan. There is no doubt that she is one of the most stylish royals in the world.

In your opinion what are the pros and cons of running a business as friends?

Our relationship has only become stronger than before. There are no formalities as we have become more upfront with each other and that has really done wonders for us as a team.

What’s next for the brand?


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